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saris with in-built pockets  Love the one on the left… Both are beautiful in their own way… They are the 

Suman Bajaj’s new concept saris with in-built pockets 
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NBA Prediction

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I guess I was wrong in my previous prediction… wamp wamp wamp… Oh well Congrats to the western finals champions “OKC”

NBA Western Finals

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                          I predict that the the team that will win this series : SPURS

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These are lip balms if don’t know…. I currently have the Cherry Me and Pink Punch.. They go on gorgeous looks like lip stick when you put it on your lips.

The Cherry me goes on red.

The pink punch goes on like a light pink.. Now just imagine the other colors by the way it also comes in a clear.

EyeShadow Palatte

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I love color!!! - My 180 EyeShadow Palette

My Cosmetics

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                                                              IN MY BAG

My make-Up bag

CoverGirl Trublend Invisible Concealer

CoverGirl Clean Oil - Control

CoverGirl Trublend mineral (as finisher)

Maybelline ColorSensational Pearl - So Pearly

Revlon ColorBurst - True Red

Mac Cosmetics pigment - Pink Freeze

Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo 24Hr 3colors

Ruby kisses liquid eyeliner        CoverGirl LashBlast 24Hr

Mac Cosmetics - Dolly Mix Blush
Cargo - Echo Beach blush & bronzer in 1

Stir Crazy - (Mall Of America)

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Stir Crazy hasn’t been open for that long but earlier today had lunch with a couple of friends… This restaurant is a bit pricy for some people but it’s a must try if you ever want restaurant quality Asian food that doesn’t feel like fast food at the food courts in Mall Of America.

Caro mio

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Caro mio he is so perfect for me… He may not be 100% perfect but who is? He completes me perfectly. Someone who motivates you, helps you is there for you, doesn’t care about your flaws… Is the kind of man that you are willing to do anything for. Well I never thought I would find a man like him… Everyone wants me to leave him but they don’t know the true reason I am with him. Every day I communicate with him make me love and appreciatehim more and more… I am really glad I am met him and I know that he is the kind of man I have to be patient with but I am willing to do everything for… I hope he really knows and understands that he means the world to me….

Love, Life, Passion

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As you can notice I am the owner of this blog with the burgundy hair…. I have had blogs before but It’s hard keeping up with it.

Born: March 29th 1989

Country: Saudi Arabia   City: Jiddah

Grew up: Minneapolis, MN

Lived in: Kenya, Houston, Texax and Minneapolis, MN

Enjoys: Bollywood Movies, NBA Basketball, Badminton, Indian music, arabic music, Indian shows, Shopping, ect…..

Taste Of Thailand

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As you can see I have a passion for Asian food so this is my second post on Asian food

Location: 11 7th Street South  Minneapolis, MN 55402

The first time I’ve been to this restaurant was actually 4yrs ago in my Senior yr of high School… I love this restaurant their Thai food is delicious and out of this world in my opinion.